How to make a bracelet for a friend

An Indian blogger has developed a bracelet that allows him to watch his friend, and he has even found a way to use it to buy some products from him.Read

What to know about new iron-making machines

New iron-and-copper-making equipment could be used to make new types of furniture, according to an MIT team led by researchers.The new machines, which could also make furniture for a range

What is the difference between a handicraft factory and a factory that sells handicraft?

There are two kinds of factories: handicraft factories and wholesalers.They work for one another.A handicraft company that makes clothing, shoes, furniture, or other consumer goods must be certified by the United States Trade Representative (USTR) or a foreign entity to be a manufacturer.The U.S. government certifies all handicraft companies, whether they’re U.s.

Why do I love bicol?

I am an artist, a craftswoman, a bicol aficionado and a bicolician.When I was a student at the University of Southern California, I had the privilege of working as an assistant to a painter and illustrator.I was a creative director and assistant to one of the world’s leading bicol artists, Nuno Tumalo.As

‘I’ve been through so much’: Canadian craftsmiths in India

The Canadian Craftsmiths Guild has been in touch with the Indian Craftsman’s Association to offer a few tips and advice to those who want to follow their passion.They say many people in India are looking for a good job and want to learn to make their own things.The guild is hoping to

How to use bicol and the handicraft charm

Bicol is a traditional textile, and it is the second-hand yarn from one of the world’s oldest countries, where people are not allowed to own land or take part in

When you can’t use a bitcoin ATM, you can use a Pangasinans mobile wallet app

Posted July 10, 2018 17:31:34 Pangasinan, Indonesia, July 10 (CNA) The capital city of Jakarta has become the latest city to roll out bitcoin ATM service to residents.Catch a live video from the Pangasean municipality as it begins accepting bitcoin.Pangasinani residents can also use a local mobile wallet application to transfer money
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