Why we need more women in fashion: a survey

People have been asking about how to make more women into fashion designers.Now it seems that there are some interesting ways to help women in the fashion industry: by making it more affordable for them to become designers, and by supporting their growth through career training and mentorship.Here are 10 ways that

Iran handcrafts a new style of carpet: A blend of wood and metal

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.— Iran has made a new carpet with a unique blend of different woods and metals, and it was sold on the Internet to buyers in the U.S. The Tehran Handicrafts Co., a nonprofit, says the new carpet, which the company sells online, has an overall weight of about 3.6 pounds.It

How to create a handicraft charms for your pet

A few days ago, I was walking my two pups around the house and noticing that they were very active.They loved to climb and climb up trees, so I decided

How to make a Persian rug in a week

Tehran is the capital of Iran and the most-visited city in the world.Yet, the city also holds the largest collection of Iranian handicraft houses in the Middle East.Here are the

‘My dream of going to America’ – cyprus migrant

A young Cypriot migrant from Cyprus is hoping to go to America.The 28-year-old is from the southeastern town of Banyas, which is located about 25 kilometers (19 miles) from the

What’s the story behind the world’s largest handicraft factory?

The world’s biggest handicraft manufacturer, Pata-Sampath Industries, has made a fortune off India’s biggest textile industry, according to a new report.The firm, which has a factory in the state of Gujarat, manufactures cotton in India, making up over a third of the world total.The company’s factories are in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad,

How to Make a Christmas Tree for Your Family

How to make a Christmas tree?It’s not easy.It’s something you need to be very creative and you need a lot of patience. I’ve made this DIY Christmas tree that will make

How to get your own handicrafts wallet to survive New Zealand’s new wave of homelessness

The handicampers community in New Zealand is experiencing an unprecedented increase in homelessness in the last year, with a quarter of homeless people living on the streets.With a shortage of available places, New Zealanders have been forced to resort to using handicamps as a means of survival, with the majority of people
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