JERUSALEM — A British designer is designing monster hunter pillows that look like a child’s toy.

It’s called Jero, and he’s a self-taught craftsman with an obsession with toys, and a love for the monster hunting genre.

He told The Associated Press he started making monster hunter pillow designs about 10 years ago.

Jero’s company, Jero Design Group, is based in London, and it’s not just its pillows being made in Britain that have inspired him to create these monsters.

He said his creations range from giant dolls to toy robots.

Jeros monsters include a 3-year-old girl in a white dress, a baby boy and a little girl.

The dolls are designed with hand tools, like the ones you might find in your dad’s workshop.

Jero says the dolls are made by hand.

The company sells its products through its website and through brick-and-mortar stores, but it also has a mobile app and online store.

Jerk dolls like the one pictured, made by Jero for the AP story, are also being sold through Jero’s website.

“My doll, the baby, is a white doll, with white hair, and she’s wearing a white, white dress,” he said.

“She’s got white boots, and white gloves.”

Jero, who is 5-feet-10-inches tall, said he’s not trying to sell the monsters, but rather make them more affordable.

He’s also not trying make the monsters look like real monsters.

“I’m not trying and I’m not making these monsters,” he told the AP.

“I’m making them in a way that will be fun and make people think about the monsters that they have and what they look like.”

Jeros dolls are sold through his website and online, but Jero said the company has been selling some dolls as gifts to parents, too.JERUSALS monsters are made in England.

Jeri’s parents are from Austria, but the family moved to Israel a few years ago after Jero had his first child.

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, I’ve never had a toy before,” he explained.

“We have our own house, we have our kids, we don’t have a car.

We live in the same house, so it’s a little bit crazy, but I just really want to share the adventure.”

Jeri says he started out making dolls because he wanted to make a new hobby for his kids.

“They are so good-looking, so they are kind of easy to play with,” he joked.

“But we do have some dolls that are bigger than the other dolls, so if they come into the house and they’re like, ‘Oh, I have a little doll, how do I take it?’

You have to have a tool.

So I just wanted to have some toys for them.”