(AP) An Indian craft-manufacturing company says it plans to trademark a trademark on a handicraft that it says it’s been using since the 1800s, including in the United States.

The trademark for the “Mariz” name has been in the Indian trademark office for more than a decade, but it has been held up by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) over the last decade.

In the filing, Vishals attorneys say the Mariz name “is associated with a variety of products that are not related to the manufacture or manufacture of handicraft products.”

“The use of the Marisas name, along with other trademarked words and phrases, are not limited to those products,” the filing said.

The company says the trademark application “was filed for and accepted for filing on January 20, 2018.”

It said it has “always been proud of the history of Mariz” and the fact that “the Marisa family has produced and sold handicraft items and apparel for over 2,500 years.”

Vishals said the Marisa name “was chosen because of its distinctive character, including its similarity to the names of other important families of handicrafters.”

The company’s filing did not address what it calls the trademark dispute with the U,S.

trademark office.

Vishal said it “has been the subject of several disputes” in the past, including with the American Craftsman Trademark Commission (ACSC), which is based in New York.