A $30,000 collection of handmade handcrafted goods at a Wools Mills charm’s auction sold for a record $1.7 million on Monday.

The auction was held at a shop in the town of Mecum, about 30 miles east of the Sydney CBD.

The items were all handcrafted by the handicaps and the proceeds went to charities.

One of the items was a bracelet, which had a wooden handle and was made from bamboo.

It had an engraved message from the handicap, a message written in Chinese and printed on the bracelet itself.

The item sold for $1,638.20, or $6,300 more than a similar bracelet at a similar auction in 2014, according to the ABC.

The bracelets were purchased by the family of an American handicap at the Wools Mill, which the ABC identified as Wools Mecums.

The shop sells handcrafted crafts for all handicaps.