India is a big market for handicraft.

But what about the people who can’t make it themselves?

We decided to get them involved.

A guide to making handicraft for the world online:A group of men in Nepal make a bamboo stick.

The man who made it said he could only get a wooden stick for around $50,000 in India.

The bamboo sticks are used to make traditional handicraft and other materials.

The handicraft shop in Kathmandu where this handmade bamboo stick was made.

This wooden stick was also made in Nepal.

A bamboo stick is used to cut a wooden piece for a handicap in NepalA handmade bamboo tool.

A handmade wooden stick.

The handmade bamboo hat.

A handcrafted bamboo tool made by a group of Nepalese men.

The handmade wooden hat is a popular style in Nepal for women.

The handcrafted wooden hat in Nepal is a favorite for Nepaleses.