When we moved to Hyderabad, we thought that the city was like a dream of our dreams, a melting pot of cultures, tastes, and traditions.

And for a while, that was true.

But soon after arriving in Hyderabad in 2012, we were dismayed to find out that most of the things we wanted in Hyderbad, like the most iconic dish, the biryani, were either unavailable in Hyderabadi cuisine or just not available at all.

Hyderabad had the most beautiful temples, and for many of us, that’s the thing that sets Hyderabad apart from other cities: its ancient architecture and rich history.

But when it comes to the stuff that makes up our everyday lives, we found that Hyderabad’s infrastructure is a mess.

So we went on to create our own stools.

And with the help of the locals, we have created an array of simple but beautiful stools to help us make the most of our Hyderabad time in the city.