Source: The Irish Daily Times title ‘The only way to stop the Islamic State’: An Irish story article Source Link: title How many Irish were killed in the fight against the Islamic state?

articleSource number of Irish citizens are fighting with Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, with many of them facing the threat of death.

The Irish Daily Mail reports that a number of people who have fought in Syria are currently fighting with the Islamic Caliphate (IS).

Some of those who have travelled to Iraq have gone on to fight in Syria, but many others are still in Ireland.

One of the people who was arrested in Syria is an Irish citizen who has travelled to Syria.

He was released on bail in May, and has been fighting in Syria since last October.

He said he had been fighting with IS for the past five years and had been with the group for four years before joining the IS in January this year.

He had travelled to Jordan in July this year, where he was detained.

“I have been fighting for five years, and I know how to fight,” he said.

“It’s not a war, it’s a struggle.

It’s a fight against oppression, but I have nothing against Ireland, I love Ireland.”

Another man from Dublin, who is also a fighter, said that he has been in Syria for the last six months, and is now fighting alongside IS.

“My life is in danger now, I was fighting for the Islamic caliphate in Iraq.

I went to Syria and I was released,” he told The Irish Sun.”

The only thing I want is for Ireland to come and help us.

We can help Ireland to get out of this mess, we can help everyone to be free, so that we can rebuild our lives again.”

A third Irishman, who travelled to join IS in Syria from Ireland, is also facing the prospect of death as he was arrested for joining IS in June.

“When I was detained, they asked me what my name was, where I came from, what I wanted to do, but they didn’t know where I was going to fight, so they told me I was a terrorist,” he revealed.

“That’s how they knew that I was there, they never even asked me for my name.”

The fourth Irishman is also currently fighting in Iraq, where many of the Irish fighters are fighting alongside the Islamic terror group, and are believed to have been killed.

He also confirmed that his wife and children were also fighting in the conflict, but denied that he was killed.

“They have killed my wife and my children,” he claimed.

“All I wanted was to be able to live with my family.

I’m fighting for them, for them and the future of the caliphate, and that’s all I have.”

He said that after he was released he was told he was going back to Syria to fight with IS.

However, he said that his release was not in accordance with his “credibility” with IS and that he had to return to Ireland for the safety of his family.

“After my release, I went back to Ireland, but my wife is still there and I’m not fighting for her, I’m going back home for safety.

She is still in Syria,” he added.