Posted July 10, 2018 17:31:34 Pangasinan, Indonesia, July 10 (CNA) The capital city of Jakarta has become the latest city to roll out bitcoin ATM service to residents.

Catch a live video from the Pangasean municipality as it begins accepting bitcoin.

Pangasinani residents can also use a local mobile wallet application to transfer money into the local bitcoin wallet.

In the meantime, bitcoin is not yet accepted as currency at Pangases bank account.

The bank has said that the bank will start accepting bitcoin as soon as it receives a confirmation from the city.

Bitcoin ATM service will be available at Pengasean bank starting next week.PANGASINAN, Indonesia — ( A Panganans mobile banking app is giving citizens of the capital city the ability to transfer bitcoin to a Pangu, the city’s official bank.

Citizens can now transfer money to their Pangu account using their smartphone.

Pangu, which has about 1,500 branches in the city, is one of the major Bitcoin hubs in Indonesia.

Bitcoin is a digital currency, a decentralized payment system which is similar to PayPal, which offers a digital payment system that does not require an account.

It is not regulated by a government and is not accepted in most countries.