The Canadian Craftsmiths Guild has been in touch with the Indian Craftsman’s Association to offer a few tips and advice to those who want to follow their passion.

They say many people in India are looking for a good job and want to learn to make their own things.

The guild is hoping to help them learn the craft and learn how to become a good craftperson.

“They are going to want to work with their hands and the craft they are making.

We’re hoping to have that to help their craftsmanship and their craft skills and then to bring them back home,” says Dave Smith, president of the guild.

The Canadian craftsmen’s association is offering a $500,000 scholarship for Indian Craftskills students.

Smith says many Indian students can’t find jobs in Canada and need help.

“It’s important that they get some support so that they can get a chance to get an education in a safe environment,” he says.

Smith believes the Indian students will need to learn a lot of new skills before they can be successful in Canada.

He says there is a growing trend for people to work in Indian factories and in Indian homes.

“We’re talking about the manufacturing of these handmade products and there are so many of them in the country,” he said.

Smith expects many Indian businesses to be looking to recruit students to the industry, and he hopes the Indian government will provide some financial support.

“I think there will be a lot more Indians that want to come here and be employed, and that will open the door to many opportunities to them,” he added.

The Royal Canadian Mint is also helping the students to learn the trades and work as apprentices.

The mint has a program to help those who wish to pursue a career in the industry.

Smith hopes that the Mint will also be helping to get students employed in Indian jobs.

“Our plan is that they will work in a factory, in an Indian house, and hopefully be able to get a job,” he concluded.