An Indian blogger has developed a bracelet that allows him to watch his friend, and he has even found a way to use it to buy some products from him.

Read moreAnurag Ghosh , who is from Kolkata, is an avid shopper.

“I buy all kinds of products.

I have bought a lot of jewellery, and I am a big fan of luxury brands,” he said.

He found that many of his friends buy expensive jewellery and jewellery jewellery online, and sometimes, they are unable to afford them.

He has made a bracelet to watch their every move and help them buy products.

Ghosh’s bracelet allows him not only to watch a person but also to buy the products that they want.

“My bracelet is a simple, yet stylish, accessory.

It is meant to be worn around the neck, but I made it in two pieces,” he told ET.

His wristband is a wearable accessory, but it’s not just a wristband for those who prefer it to wear a bracelet, it also works as a wristwatch and watch strap, Ghosh said.

“It can be worn in two different ways.

You can put it on your wrist, or you can take it out and put it in a pocket, or even it can be used as a bracelet,” he added.

Ghoshes bracelet is meant for both men and women.

“You can use it as a watch strap.

It will fit on your wrists.

You cannot wear it in public.

You will need to put it into your pocket to take it with you.

It can also be worn as a bracelets,” Ghosh explained.

Ghoshi uses his bracelet to help him watch his friends purchases.

“He is the most important person in my life, and if I can watch him buy something from me, then I have been helped,” he says.

The bracelet can be made from any type of fabric and it can even be used to make jewellery.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery that is used to charge the bracelet.

“People who wear it are not only paying a premium, they also receive a gesture of gratitude,” Ghoshes said.

Ghosi uses the bracelet to make his friends jewellery purchases.

He hopes that people in the future will use the bracelet in different ways, for example to make money.

“If I do it for my friend, then it is a good gesture of appreciation,” Ghoshi said.