BY JOHNNY JAMES/Reuters|Credit: AP, AP Photo/Eddie DeMar, AFP |Editor: Peter DejongBY: Daniel Z. Henshall/BloombergA new kind of product that will sell you anything from the latest smartphone to the latest iPad could help the world’s second-largest economy grow more quickly.

Chinese and Vietnamese goodsmakers are now trying to bring back the world economy, with some of their products aimed at boosting demand in China.

The move could help to drive China’s economic growth faster and boost its own growth, as it faces more of a trade war with rival China.

It could also help keep Vietnam, a country that was hit hard by the pandemic, from falling behind China in terms of GDP growth, a challenge for China and its allies.

The move to help boost demand from China is part of a broader strategy by Chinese companies to push their goods to markets outside of China, as well as to boost their domestic demand.

Vietnam has become one of the top consumers of Chinese goods, and the country has also sought to diversify its economy to attract overseas investors.

The Chinese government has also increased its efforts to push its goods to the Chinese market, including offering preferential tariff rates for goods made in China and allowing Vietnam to make up for its economic problems with its own domestic industries.

The push to boost Chinese imports has boosted demand for Vietnamese goods, which have surged by more than 30 percent in recent years.

Vietnam has also become a key market for the country’s own exports, including textiles, cosmetics and appliances.

Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang has sought to boost trade with China, which he sees as a key to China’s ability to boost exports.

The two countries have been working together to tackle a range of issues, including North Korea, drug trafficking, and regional tensions.

The Vietnam government said last month it is aiming to make its exports more competitive with China in the global market, and said it will continue to boost imports from the country.VN:F [1.9.22_1171]