New Delhi, India – India’s government is set to launch a digital bookselling outlet to compete with traditional brick and mortar stores in the Indian capital.

The Digital Bookshop in New Delhi will open from April 15.

The project aims to create a digital marketplace of bookstores and bookstores of all kinds.

The digital bookstore will offer free delivery of books and will sell a variety of titles, including novels, fiction and non-fiction.

The store will offer digital downloads, a selection of books, a book-review site, a magazine, a forum, a news portal, a social media platform, and a social entertainment platform.

The project is also part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative aimed at boosting Indian industry.

In December last year, Modi signed a bill to open the country’s first online bookselling market.

The bill will create the Digital Bookstore and its subsidiary, the Digital Village, which will be tasked with offering free digital books, books on demand, books in libraries and other digital content.