Kolkati City are in the midst of a busy summer, with a number of international fixtures looming.

Kolkata has been the home of many great players in the past, including former Mumbai FC, Mumbai Indians, Mumbai Lions and Kolkatans top scorer, Sanjay Manjrekar.

Konguwaka, the former Mumbai City, and Mumbai Lions have also come under threat with the latter dropping out of the league due to the financial problems of the former.

Despite the difficulties, it is still the case that Bengaluru City is a powerhouse, with the likes of Manjrakar, Dhoni and Pandya being their talismanic stars.

But Kolkats best chance at a repeat of the glory days of 2016 is not just a result of these international fixtures.

The Blues are the only Indian team that are in contention for the Champions League, and they are the team that has been making their mark in India’s top division.

While their rivals in Kolkatt are battling for a Champions League spot, Kolkatalas top team is making the most of their Champions League window.

With the first leg of the Champions Trophy against Chennaiyin in the air, and the second leg against Mumbai in less than a week, KK City are likely to be favourites to secure the third place spot in the league.KMFC have been in contention with the last four games against Chennaiys XI but they have lost three consecutive matches to Bengaluru.

They have been beaten 3-0 at home and 4-0 away.

This has meant that they have not been able to get their best out of their players in recent times, and their performance against Chennai has shown that they are still working on their tactics.

The last game against Chennai was the only time that Kolkar City beat the side that is in their best form.

The hosts started well but it was a game in which the defence could not do enough to prevent a goal.

Kolkatar was unable to take the game into their own half as the hosts were able to find the back of the net.

The only problem that Bengalurys team has is their lack of consistency.

While they did get a win in Chennai, they have been unable to score in any of their matches against Kolkatta.KPK have also been struggling in the Champions’ League so far, losing 2-1 to Chennaiyins XI.

Their only win of the last seven matches is against Bengaluru, which means that they will need to play a game of their own to be considered a serious contender.