ORISAS PIPIL – The shop was packed with children playing outside.

A few families sat outside with their families.

My daughter-in-law was wearing a sarong and I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

The shopkeeper was sitting next to me and he asked me to buy a little pink toy and a pink doll.

He said it was the same toy as my son’s.

I was happy to do that, but my daughter- in-law wanted a different toy.

So she asked if I could buy a pink toy, too.

A few days later, we went to the local shop and bought a pink one.

Then, we bought a lot of toys for our sons, and we even bought a few toys for myself.

We went to our family doctor, who told us to go to the store and buy a new pink toy.

We asked for a pink pink toy to be made.

We bought pink and green toys, but no pink pink.

We have to buy pink toys in Orissa, which cost about Rp 10,000 ($1,800).

We went home and bought more toys, including pink pink toys.

When I returned, I asked the shopkeeper why we bought pink toys instead of pink ones.

The woman who was the shop keeper came and asked me what happened.

She said the shopkeepers are not allowed to sell toys with pink labels, and she said the storekeeper didn’t know how to make pink toys, so she made them.

So I told her that I was going to buy the pink toy myself, and that I had purchased a pink box.

“Is that how you make pink?” she asked.

I said, “Yes.”

She told me that the pink box was made from a plastic bag and that it was about 10 centimeters (3 inches) long.

I asked her to make a pink ball.

She didn’t want to make it, so I asked for her to put a rubber band around the ball and put it inside the pink plastic bag.

She started to make the pink ball, but then she stopped, and the ball was very soft.

Then she stopped and started making the pink doll and pink toy that I asked about.

What a waste!

My son was also excited about buying a pink dolls and pink toys that he had been waiting for.

He asked me if he could buy them, too, but I told him I would not do that.

But he was excited, so we went back to the shop.

After we returned to the family doctor and got the pink dolls, the shopkeep said she didn’t have enough time.

I went to him and said, I don’t know if I can buy more pink toys or pink dolls for my sons.

When I saw the shop’s manager, he said he was going home.

I called the shop to see what was happening.

The owner was standing there, but the shop is not open.

The manager said, my son and I have just gone to the office, and it’s going to be late for the shop today.

And he asked what is wrong.

In Orissa there are many different shops, and some shops make the same pink toys but with different labels.

The shops that make pink plastic toys are called Pongpong and the shops that sell pink plastic dolls are called Pari.

It is a pity because there are so many pink toys available in Orisa.

Do you know of other places that make different kinds of toys?

There are many people in Orisha that buy pink toy because it is the easiest to make, but some of them also want pink toy for their children.

The children in Orisas pipil shop buy pink plastic toy because they think that it is very nice to wear.