A guide to how to find the best jobs for a variety of skills, such as carpentry and carpets, from a broad range of trades, including hairdressing, carpentering, interior decorating, plumbing, textiles and footwear.

The AP list is based on the most recent employment data for occupations with a job title including: carpentry; carpentry services; carpentery; furniture and fixtures; and carpenters.

In the past, AP looked at job listings in the U.S. and overseas for occupations such as: carpet, flooring, carpeting, furniture and fittings, textile, leather, carpet, carpet tile, carpet flooring.

For this list, AP searched the U., Canadian and European databases, and also listed all the jobs in a city, state or territory.

For the top jobs for 2018, AP also included a list of jobs for construction, manufacturing, office, and construction-related jobs.

This list excludes jobs that require students to attend college.