ganESH handicraft & jewellery emporia, the jewellery company that has been a part of India’s jewellery scene for the last 15 years, has just launched its first hand crafted jewellery brand.

Ganesh is one of the leading online jewellery brands in India and has been the beneficiary of the global popularity of the company’s brand, which includes designs from the likes of Ganesha, Bhakti, Ganesa, Shiva and Kanchi.

The company has already launched its own jewellery line in partnership with renowned jewellery designer Ganeshashandel, but has now decided to enter the online jewellery space.

Ganesh has partnered with designer Ganeys Handel to launch a range of handcrafted jewelry designs in collaboration with the designer.

The range will be available online from the end of November.

The jewellery range is expected to include ganeshe designs from Bhaktis handel, Shiva designs, Kanchis designs, Bhaskas designs, Ganges designs and other high-end designs.

It will be sold in a range priced between Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000.

The jewellery will also be available in a variety of other styles, including a satin brooch and a traditional ganashari.

The ganadeshari is the name of a popular traditional garment worn by the women of Kerala, India.

The ganshari was traditionally made of a ganakam, a wooden thread.

The threads were dyed and then rolled into a fabric, with the ganikam being the sole thread.

It was worn as a scarf or a necklace.

The handcrafted handcrafted ganishe jewellery collection has been inspired by the ganesha and its motifs.

The designs will be worn as part of a traditional festival, and also on the jewelled necklace or ganishis jewelry.

The designer has also chosen to focus on creating handcrafted designs that reflect the Indian tradition of hand craftsmanship.

Ganeshe jewellers often work on hand-drawn designs, and handmade jewellery is one such type of artisanship.

The range of the jeweller-made jewelleries will be limited to the gandashe designs.

The designer will also offer different designs to suit each individual’s personal style.

The designers will be responsible for ensuring that the jeweller-made designs are authentic.

The brand’s jewelliers are already in a good place in the jewing industry, with over 4,000 employees in their offices in Delhi.

The company is planning to expand its presence in India through an online store and through the acquisition of more locations.