AUSTRALIA is a good place to buy jewellery, the world’s fourth-biggest economy has been a leader in fashion.

The number of Australians who have the opportunity to buy and wear Indian designs has also been rising.

But while there are plenty of beautiful, handcrafted items, some are a little less so.

We’ve put together a list of some of the worst.

For your Christmas shopping, here’s our guide to the best.1.

The Buddha Statue, Kolkata (India)The Buddha statue, designed by French artist Jean-Jacques Rousseau, is an iconic symbol of India.

The sculpture is made of bronze, and sits on a pedestal in the Indian city of Kolkatta.

It was installed in 1868 by then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and has been used for over 200 years.

It has been described as “a symbol of the spirit of peace” and is a “beautiful piece of art.”2.

The Bamboo and Oak Tree, London (England)The London-based company Gossamer Bamboo has created a range of trees that can be used for Christmas trees.

The trees are made of bamboo, which is commonly used in woodworking.

The company has been selling them to consumers around the world since 2005, and is currently in the process of selling them in the UK.3.

The Dolly, Sydney (Australia)Australia’s oldest Christmas tree, the Dolly is a tree which was made by the Dutch immigrant Alexander van Beek and is still in use in Sydney.

The tree is made from a tree with three branches and is made with a special glue which is used to hold the trunk firmly in place.

The idea behind the tree is that the branches grow together, creating a stable and resilient structure.4.

The Sunken Ship, St Louis (Missouri)This Victorian-era shipwreck has been on display in St Louis for over 100 years.

This particular shipwreck, which dates back to the 1850s, is thought to be the oldest ever found in the US.

The ship was discovered in 1883, but has been largely ignored by the public due to its size and location.

The St Louis Museum has commissioned a documentary to explore its history.5.

The Tugboat, Liverpool (England/UK)The Tug boat was one of the most iconic ships in the English Channel fleet and was built in 1859.

It is now one of only five remaining wooden wooden wooden ships in Britain.

It had the ability to go from one side of the Channel to the other and carried up to 12 passengers.

The boat was built to carry more passengers but it was also a great way to get around in the early days of sailing.6.

The Knee of Hercules, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)The Knee was a wooden vessel that was first constructed in the 14th century.

It could carry up to 50 people and could carry 2,500 pounds of cargo.

It served as a ferry to the islands of St. Maarten and St. Barthelemy.

The vessel was then converted into a boatyard and then used to ferry ships to and from St. Bartholomew’s Island.7.

The Old Train, Sydney, Australia (Australia/New Zealand)The Victorian-built Old Train was a locomotive built in England between 1840 and 1844.

It travelled the East Coast of England and was used to transport passengers to Sydney from the Victorian capital, London.

It operated from 1862 to 1865, and in 1915 was sold to the Royal Navy.8.

The Christmas Tree, Sydney(Australia)The Sydney-based Sydney Tree Company is known for its Christmas trees and is the only company to have a range in the U.K. and Europe.

The firm also makes some of Australia’s finest Christmas trees, such as the Queen Elizabeth II, the iconic Sydney Cross, and the iconic Victorian Cross.9.

The Wooden Stairs, London(England)London’s first Christmas Tree was built around 1839 and was the only one in the city to be constructed from wood.

It dates back nearly 2,000 years and was designed by William Harvey and built by Charles Wren, who designed London’s Palace of Westminster.10.

The New Year’s Tree, Liverpool(England/USA)Liverpool is home to some of England’s oldest buildings and houses many historic sites.

The city is also famous for its iconic Christmas trees that date back to 1765.

The earliest known Christmas tree was built at the site of St Mary Magdalene Church in 1636.

It remained a popular place to gather for Christmas, until the Victorian era.11.

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (USA)San Francisco’s Golden Gate bridge, built in 1890, has stood the test of time and has seen a variety of uses over the years.

From Christmas trees to the San Francisco Bay Bridge, it’s one