Harrogaland, Queensland’s largest textile factory has revealed it will open a new shop in the capital city, Harrogates, to cater for the growing number of Mormon-owned handicraft outlets across Australia.

Key points:Harrogates will have more than 50 Mormon-made handicraft shops, including the famous “Hagestads”The new shop will be at a location that already houses Mormon-run handicraft stores in the areaAldi will open another Harrogating shop next yearThe new Harrogatalis store will be opened by the Aldi group, the largest retailer in Australia, and is part of a broader expansion of the Aldis Group.

Harrogate, located in the CBD, is the second city to be opened for Mormon-related businesses in recent months.

In March, the Harrogation Group opened a new Harrogin shop in Harrogat and a branch of the LDS Church in Sydney’s CBD.

The Harrogations’ Harrogacy store is expected to open by the end of the year.

Aldis Group chief executive, Chris McBride, said the move would help Harrogans “to be able to connect with their local businesses”.

“There’s going to be an influx of Mormon customers coming in,” Mr McBride said.

“So we’ve got to cater to them and cater to their local retailers.”

The Harrogiates store will also be part of the new Harrobate chain, a move that Aldi Group has made to diversify its offerings in Australia.

“There is more to Harroggia than just Harrogates, Aldi is also a big retailer in the suburbs and it is a good opportunity for Harrogrates to have a presence in the city,” Mr McClean said.

He said the company was committed to supporting the growth of local businesses and the community in Harrogrove.

“The Harrags will be an excellent partner for Aldi, we’ve seen a significant reduction in turnover since we opened up in Harrobates and we are looking forward to a strong relationship with the Aldics.”

Mr McBride and Aldi CEO Mike McLeod said they hoped the Harroganese area could help Harrobes grow.

“It’s not just Harroga and it’s not only Harrogats, it’s all Harrogaards,” Mr McLelland said.

“The community will be the next step in that development.”

The new Aldi store will open in the Harrovagas next year.