The Bombay High Court on Wednesday ordered a probe into “inappropriate” sale of “hindish” cotton at the Cotton Mills on Kallakur Road, the site of a recent spate of deaths.

The HC also directed that a probe be conducted into “improper disposal of cotton material”.

In a four-page order, the bench directed the state government to furnish details about the process of sale and disposal of the cotton material in the Cotton Mill, and “what steps have been taken by the authorities to ensure that such material is not disposed of in such a manner”.

The bench, however, did not make any order to restrain the state from selling the cotton and issued a warning to officials.

“It is obvious that in the course of this inquiry the State Government has failed to provide any explanation as to the manner in which such material was disposed of, or to ensure adequate safety of the citizens,” the bench said.

“It is not the intention of the court to restrict the use of cotton in any way, as per the order of the HC.”