For the fourth year in a row, Fortune Magazine named the 50 most beautiful and most affordable cities in America.

The magazine has ranked the top 50 for more than 100 years.

In 2016, the top-ranked cities in the US, according to the magazine, were:Atlanta, GANew York, NYLos Angeles, CAPortland, ORPhiladelphia, PABoston, MASan Diego, CADenver, COCharlotte, NCPhoenix, AZNew Orleans, LASalt Lake City, UTSeattle, WAAustin, TXFortune’s Top 50 Cities are:1.

Atlanta, GaThe most expensive city in the nation, Atlanta’s median price for a single-family home hit $1.9 million in 2016.

Its median rent was $2,839 and the median household income was $52,856.

The city’s high cost of living also makes Atlanta the third-most expensive place to live for single-parent families.

The average annual cost of housing in Atlanta was $3,924 in 2016, according the US Census Bureau.2.

New York City, NYThe second-most-expensive city in America, New York City’s median home price was $1,788, according a recent report by real estate site Zillow.

The median rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan was $738, and a one-bedroom was $929.3.

Los Angeles’ average home price rose 8.1 percent last year, while its median household incomes fell 4.2 percent.

The city’s median income for single people is $41,858, the highest in the country.4.

Los Altos, CAA family of four in Los Altos could save up to $2.4 million on a home in the city, according Zillows.

The home is listed for $1 million.5.

Portland, OregonOne of the most affordable city in Oregon, Portland’s median household wage was $49,857 in 2016 and the city’s rent was just $1 a month.

The housing market is healthy and affordable, with the median price of homes for sale in the Portland metro area being just $926, according data from the National Association of Realtors.6.

Los Gatos, NVThe largest city in Nevada, Las Gatos has a median home value of $1-million, according

The house has a three-bedroom, four-bathroom home that is valued at $1M.7.

Atlanta’s affordability is also reflected in its high unemployment rate.

According to a recent Gallup poll, just over half of all adults aged 18 to 64 in the United States have a job, up from a high of just over 36 percent in 2005.