The Indian handiccraft association is calling for a ban on carpets, which is widely used by many Indians.

“Handicrafts are an important tool for people and can be an effective tool for society,” the Association of the Indian Handicraft Manufacturers (AHSM) said in a statement.

“We also want the government to act against any and all attempts to prevent the use of hand-made carpets and the introduction of other products that are not made in India,” the statement added.

The statement came after a recent visit by a World Bank-funded research group, called International Development, to India to examine the development of handicraft industries in the country.

It is the second time in three months that the AHSM has called for a boycott of handcrafted carpets in India.

AHSMs demand was first made in October when it called for the removal of handwoven-made carpet from the floor of Parliament.

But on Tuesday, the AHRM’s president and chief executive officer, Ramakant Nath, said the move was not a ban.

He said it was not enough to ban hand-crafted carpettes, and the government needs to do more to combat the problem.

“It’s not a banning of carpets.

There are people who make carpets for themselves, but there is no ban on making them for people,” Nath said.

“The government needs a proper policy, a policy to ensure that the products are produced in the same way that people use them.”

The AHSMs demands are a major step forward for the association, which has been trying to stop the production of handmade carpettas for years.

India has a huge population of handicapped people, making them a major source of employment in the impoverished country.

But the association says that a lack of access to basic social services, such as healthcare and employment, means that handicraft production is being suppressed.