French fashion designer Sophie de Puy told CNN in an interview that she is not expecting the new style of beads she designed for her first couture show to sell well.

“I think we can be confident that it’s going to be successful,” she said, adding that she has already had people ask her if they could wear them. 

She explained that the beads are not designed to be worn, but instead to be held and picked up and carried, as she does for every show.

“It’s a very practical bracelet, that you can take with you anywhere, as long as you’re wearing it,” she explained.

“When you get it, you put it on, you don’t have to worry about it, and you can use it as a tool to show off and to show what you can do.” 

She also said that she had found a few people who are interested in trying on the bracelet, which is available at an online store, but she’s not expecting it to sell.

“We have to be realistic about it and realize that people are going to find it very attractive,” she added. 

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