Baravi’s handicraft designers have a unique blend of style and craftsmanship.

Their work is all about creativity and quality, they say, and that’s the beauty of this group.

Baravi’s owner, Karim Khan, says the company has been in business for 25 years, and it’s been a dream of his to open a shop for people to buy handicraft.

He says he was able to raise $500,000 from the government of Pakistan, as well as from the provincial government of Karachi.

“We wanted to create an outlet for people from different backgrounds, different ages, different cultures to come and enjoy the beautiful world of handicraft,” he says.

In the meantime, the team behind the Baravi brand has been working on the baravi project.

The handicraft experts are working on designs, and there is no set timetable for when they will complete the work.

They hope to open their shop in the next two to three months.

Khan is optimistic about the project.

“The shop will be very unique,” he said.

Karim Khan.

(Facebook) The Baravi team hopes to make handicraft designs available to people from all walks of life, he said, adding that the work is going to be a real pleasure to work on.

The designers are also aiming to make Baravi available to students, who are not usually allowed to work in the industry.

We want to make it easy for people who have handicraft, who have a handicapped person, to come to Baravi and enjoy its beauty, he added.

A woman uses a handicapping device.

(Image source: Karim Karim/Facebook)For now, Baravi is just a small outlet for the community, but the company hopes that it will help it to expand its market.

Karim is working with several people to develop the shop.

He is also working with a community organization to get the barvi ready for the opening of the shop in February.