By now, you’ve probably heard about the trend of malls being overrun with items that you might not have expected. 

I mean, there are so many things you could buy for your kids’ birthday parties or if you wanted to impress a friend or someone special, or just as a fun thing to do, but you’re never really sure what to pick. 

It can be tempting to buy something for a limited time, or even to just save up and make some extra cash, but in this article, I’m going to give you the best deals to browse at the malls you know and love. 

There are many malls around the world where you can shop for a variety of things that are usually considered to be luxuries, and it is really important to check them out. 

While you might be able to find bargains at a cheaper price at a mall that you’re familiar with, it’s worth taking a look and trying out some of these bargains. 

Here are the best places to shop at malls around your city and country.

 Note: These lists are from the past few months, so if you have a favorite mall, let us know in the comments section.


Coca-Cola’s new  brand  has been hitting stores in the US and UK, and I’m sure that it has some good things to offer to shoppers, but its popularity has also been hampered by its hefty price tag.

Coca Cola is not only selling products for around $3.99 a bottle, but also for just $1.99 per pop.

That’s a lot of money, but when you think about it, you might actually be able have a decent time in the mall for less than $3, and that’s even before you take into account the fact that its a brand that is well known around the country, and its also one of the most sought after brands.

2.Hangover  The hangover prevention products are still available and are a great way to help stop the bad hangovers, but there are other brands that are cheaper.

Hangout has the lowest price of any of the brands on this list, at $1, and they also come in a range of flavors.

You can also get a lot cheaper versions at Hangin’  at Hanging Out and Scoopin’ at The Hookah.


Kraft has an assortment of products that include a lot more than just cigarettes, and you can save a lot on the snacks and candy that they offer.

Kraft is also a very well known brand that has been around for a long time and you will probably find a few of their products at your local store, but if you really want to impress your friends or family, they can also sell their Ginger Candy and Spice Cakes. 4.

Santas  Santos is one of those brands that has a lot to offer.

Its super-fast delivery and the price of the bottles are just right. The Coca Cola Bottles are a good option for a few extra dollars, but the Lemon Bottle is also good value for money.


Coco  is the largest brand in the world and the most popular.

The Coconut Lunchbox is a great gift, and it is also great to give to friends and family for a little bit of extra money. 6.Walmart  has a lot of brands, but one of my favorites is Sonic. 

Sonia is a brand that is super popular in the United States, and if you are in the country where you live, Sonic should be on your list of favorites.


Kohl’s Kohl�s is a really popular brand and you don�t have to worry about paying for a lot. 

Kohls Luxury Collection is a great option for an extra dollar and is a nice addition to any luxury wardrobe. 


Macy’s  Macy�s lives up to its name.

The stores are all super cute and there are lots of different types of products on offer, but that doesn�t mean that you need to be a super fashionista to enjoy shopping at the stores. 

Moms Soup Bowl is also a great option for those who want to try a new brand, and the Mascot Strip is a good value. 9.ToysRUs  The Bubble  and Toys for Tots