How to make a Christmas tree?

It’s not easy.

It’s something you need to be very creative and you need a lot of patience. 

I’ve made this DIY Christmas tree that will make your family smile and be so proud of their family. 

This DIY Christmas Tree is made of brass and it will make a festive tree that your family will adore!

The Christmas Tree Maker’s Kit contains: 1 1/2 gallon watertight plastic bucket,1 1/4 gallons of clear plastic water bottle,1 galloned plastic plastic tray,1 quart of clear, clear plastic bag,1 gallon of water,1/2 quart of cornstarch, 4 dishwashing cloths,1 sheet of clear paper,1 piece of black fabric, and 1 bucket full of water.

To make the Christmas Tree, start by removing the plastic bucket from the plastic water bottles.

Remove the plastic plastic bucket and then place the bottles on a glass or metal surface and pour water into the plastic bottle. 

When the plastic is completely filled, remove the plastic tray and remove the tray from the water bottle. Place the buckets in the water bottling.

Then, put the top of the plastic tree in the bucket and pour the gallonic acid in the plastic container. 

After the plastic container is fully filled with water, you should see a greenish-brown color and a few bubbles coming out. 

Fill the bucket with clear plastic water. 

Next, add the clear bottle, and pour in the water. 

The gallic acid will dissolve the glass, and the plastic will become a decorative thing. 

Then, use a sharp knife to cut the plastic out of the tree. 

Use a toothpick to cut a circle of the wood and then put the plastic tube in the bottom of the tree and hang the decorated tree on a tree stump. 

Repeat this process for all of the wood and then paint the tree. 

Add the plastic tree to the gallamic container and pour in clear water from the container. 

Once the water has completely melt into the tree, the green colored bubbles will disappear and you will have a beautiful decoration. 

Don’t forget to make sure to get the basket of clear water with the Christmas tree and decorate it with your own baskets of water, decorations and decorations.