A few days ago, I was walking my two pups around the house and noticing that they were very active.

They loved to climb and climb up trees, so I decided to try creating a charm that would make them enjoy doing so.

This is a simple charm, and you can create it with just a few simple pieces of wire and some glue.

The wire is not very heavy, and it can be attached to any tree that is close enough to the ground.

You will need to purchase some glue, which is about $6 a pound, and the charm can be made with a number of different materials.

A wire charm for a pups feet and tail (pictured above) The charm is also easy to attach to any other object, such as a wall or a fence.

If you use a piece of wire, the wires will fit snugly on any other objects, and when the charm is installed, the pups will have an easy way to see it. 

You can make this charm by just using a few pieces of string or metal wire.

I used a couple of wires from a wire charm maker that I found online.

You can also buy wires, or wire charms that are made of the same material.

The charm is made of several wire strips that are about the size of a credit card.

If your wire charm is too large, it will not fit.

The strips are attached to the wire by two wires that have a plastic hinge that allows the wires to fit snug.

The wires are attached by a piece that is a little bigger than the wire charm itself.

This piece is about the same diameter as the wire.

To make the wire, cut a piece about the length of the wire you want to attach it to.

Make sure that it is about half the length.

Use a flat, flat-edged knife to cut the wire from the bottom to the top.

This can be done quickly and easily by simply using a sharp knife.

Once you have the wire cut, the charm will need some time to set.

Once the charm set, use a metal scraper or a spoon to remove any glue that has come loose from the wire or glue that was already attached to it.

Use the metal scrapper or spoon to carefully clean off any remaining glue that had already been attached to a piece. 

Next, you will need the wire and glue to be placed on the charm.

You should be able to see the charm when the wire is placed in the right spot, and be able remove the charm if you press the right button. 

Once the charm has been set, the wire needs to be wrapped around the charm and placed on top of it.

You may need to use a rubber band or a rubber mat to hold the wire in place.

You need to attach the wire to the charm by attaching it to the metal strip that is about a quarter the length that the wire was cut.

Use another piece of metal wire to attach a second strip of metal.

Use two pieces of metal and glue them to the first strip, then attach the second strip to the second piece of metallic wire. 

 The wire will now look like this. 

The magnets on the charms back are also made of metal strips.

If the charm you use has a magnet, you may need a little extra glue to attach this.

You could use a thin, flexible piece of adhesive to attach your charms back. 

It will also be nice to have a little bit of glue on the back of the charm so that it will stay in place even if it is moved. 

When you are finished, you can just pop the charm on the wall or fence or any other surface that will not be disturbed by the movement of your pups. 

Now, you should have a charm with your pup that will be a lot more fun to have than just hanging on your wall. 

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