Tehran is the capital of Iran and the most-visited city in the world.

Yet, the city also holds the largest collection of Iranian handicraft houses in the Middle East.

Here are the five most popular ones and why you should visit.


The Sadeq-e Shala in Tehran, Iran The Saseeq-E Shala is a house that was built in 1774 in Tehran’s old neighborhood, the Alabazin.

Built on the ruins of a former mosque, it is a unique house with a large central courtyard, a massive courtyard with terraces, and a large courtyard with a terrace.

It has been in use since the late 19th century.

The house is named after the first Persian emperor of the 16th century, Mohammad Shah Pahlavi.

It is also the oldest Persian house in Iran.

The master bedroom and dining room are decorated in a style similar to the Persian baths and the guest quarters are decorated with large Persian carpets.

The room is in the middle of a large garden with a river in the background.

A view of the courtyard shows the terrace overlooking the river.

There are two small rooms in the house that are used by the guests.

The main room has a small pool with a waterfall in the centre.

The small bathroom is decorated with colorful Persian carpettas, and the bathrooms have showerheads.

There is a balcony on the first floor that overlooks the gardens.

The interior is adorned with Persian carpetti and Persian glass mosaics.

The second bedroom is very cozy with a bed, a desk, and an ornate Persian rug.

The third bedroom has a dresser with a Persian bed, dresser chairs, and Persian cedar cabinets.

The fourth bedroom is also very cozy, with a dressers and dresser chair, a bed with a double bed, and two beds.

The fifth bedroom is the master bedroom with a beautiful Persian carpet.


A House for Sale in Tehran (Photo: Flickr user zakirat) The House for sale at the Sadeeq in Tehran.

The House is a modern house with Persian carpeting and a Persian wallpaper and Persian wallpaper.

It also has Persian carpet, Persian wallpaper, and marble walls.

The owner is a real estate agent from Tehran.

He was in Tehran for a meeting and was very excited to see the house and the surrounding area.

He had always wanted to see this house and it was a great place to visit.

The place is not as well-known as the other houses in Tehran because the owner had to pay for his trip to Iran.

But I have to say that it is one of the best things I have ever seen in Iran, and this is because of the owner’s generosity and his desire to share this unique house and his experience with his friends and family.


Sadek-e Zabr in Tehran The Saderak-e zabr (House for Sale) is located in the same area as the Saderakh-e Shirak.

The zabrs are also called Zabrs, which means “house” in Persian.

The name of the house is derived from the Persian word “sadek,” meaning “to open.”

In the house, the owner was able to open a huge room.

He has also designed the interior and built the walls of the room.

The floor of the rooms are covered with a carpet of Persian carpettes.

In the bedroom, there are two bed frames and two chairs.

The large living room has two beautiful Persian carpels and a beautiful carpet of carpet.

The bathroom has a showerhead, and there is a bathtub with a shower head.

In addition, there is an indoor swimming pool with water running over a big Persian rug, which is used for bathing.

The family owns this house, which they call “Saderak,” because the name means “opening.”

The house was originally built by the owner and his brother-in-law for them in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.

The building is in good condition and it is located just outside the Al-Mazhdah District, where there is the largest house for sale in Iran and where the owner lives.


The Majd Khoury Estate in Tehran It is located near the Old City of Tehran.

It houses many famous Persian houses, including the Sadaq-eh Khourys.

It was one of those houses that was designed by the renowned architect and architect Jafar Khourya.

He designed the house as a family retreat for the members of the family and for those who wanted to visit the house for the first time.

The home has a very modern feel.

It comes with a big open floor plan, and it has an open roof with a panoramic view.

The bedrooms are also large and spacious.

The living room, which was designed for the family, is filled with a