How to Make a Christmas Tree for Your Family

How to make a Christmas tree?It’s not easy.It’s something you need to be very creative and you need a lot of patience. I’ve made this DIY Christmas tree that will make

How to make khukri wala

The most basic of all handicraft is khukris.Khukris are made of rice flour, flour, sugar and water.A khukrin (also known as a khat) is a rectangular bowl of rice that is folded into a long tube.It is kneaded and then folded into shape to form a long and thin tube.The length and

When you don’t know what to buy at the mall, here are some of the best bargains to browse

By now, you’ve probably heard about the trend of malls being overrun with items that you might not have expected. I mean, there are so many things you could buy for your kids’ birthday parties or if you wanted to impress a friend or someone special, or just as a fun thing to

How to classify handicraft logos

I have been collecting a lot of handcrafts and handicrafting materials.The most common type of materials used are metal and glass.But many other types of materials, such as cardboard, are

Why you should buy a yarn from a jewellery shop

The UK’s obsession with jewellery and watches is only likely to get worse if the Brexit deal is implemented, as a survey by UK-based jewellery firm Bernat shows.In a survey

Malaysia: Chinese workers face deportation

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – A group of Chinese workers who were detained on Monday in Malaysia’s north face being deported, local media reported.Malaysia’s civil affairs minister, Datuk Seri Mohamed Apandi,

How to craft an iPhone case for your child

A toddler’s phone case could be made into a miniaturised version of the popular iPhone case, a design that has been developed by a team of handicraft specialists in Nepal.The team is in the process of building a case for a child, with an aim of producing a one-of-a-kind case by 2017.This

What you need to know about the MANDEEP handicraft

The story of Mandeep, the designer behind the MANTEL brand, is one of the most compelling in Indian design.The designer was born in 1962 in Kolkata, India, to a family

Which players are getting the most pakistani handicraft imports?

By PAKISTANHANI RASHIDABAD, PAKISHINA MULTAN, SANDAPATI ABHUSHI, MOHAMMED ALI and KHALIFA ZAHKAD/AFP/Getty ImagesThe World Cup of Hockey has brought new hope to the plight of Pakistanis in the impoverished nation.The
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